Centre de Recerca Matemàtica

Complex Systems Intern • September 2017 — July 2018

My master's thesis (with Alvaro Corral and Isabel Serra as my thesis supervisors) consists on developing a new statistical method for the analysis of a hurricane's energy dependence with the sea surface temperature, whilst creating a unified hurricane occurrences dataset with real-time temperature tracking.

Complex Systems Intern • February — July 2017

My bachelor's thesis (with Alvaro Corral as my thesis supervisor) consists of the study of real hurricanes occurrences using some simple statistical models. The main skills I developed are:

  • Data extraction.
  • Programming.
  • Statistical analysis.

Computational Neuroscience Intern • February — July 2017

Under the supervision of Alexander Roxin, I studied the macroscopic and microscopic description for networks of spiking neurons. The main skills I developed are:

  • Mathematical analysis.
  • Numerical simulations.

Ubuntu GNOME

Marketing Team Lead • April 2013 — 2017

As Ubuntu GNOME became an official flavour of Ubuntu, I started working on the branding to help build a powerful and recognisable image. Now, my team and I are in charge of all artwork and social-media-related aspects of this young GNU/Linux distribution.

My biggest accomplishments as the Marketing Lead have been:

  • Collaborating with a wonderful team of talented people.
  • Organising trademark agreements with the GNOME Foundation.
  • With the help of others, giving the best desktop UX possible to our users.

elementary OS

Software Localisator • June 2010 — 2016

I used to contribute to the localisation of elementary OS, a GNU/Linux distribution. For 6 years I coordinated the Catalan and English (UK) Translators teams. I was also a member of the Spanish Translators team.


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

MSc in Modelling for Science and Engineering • 2017 — 2018

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Bachelor’s degree in Physics • 2012 — 2017

Institut de Vic

Baccalaureate diploma in Mixed Sciences • 2010 — 2012



Ubuntu Membership • 5th of May 2016

Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu or the Ubuntu community. In particular, of my continuous collaboration in Ubuntu GNOME.

The Linux Foundation

LFC291-Compliance Basics for Developers • 5th of April 2016

Because open source is now found everywhere software exists, a good working knowledge of open source licensing and compliance is critical.

Computer Skills


GNU/Linux, LaTeX, Inkscape.


Python, R, Mathematica, git, GIMP, Spreadsheets, Windows.


Bash, awk, SQL, C++, bzr MATLAB, C, Jekyll, HTML, CSS.

Other Information

Natural languages

Spanish (mother tongue), Catalan (mother tongue), and English (professional working proficiency).


Cinematography, art history, literature, woodworking, music, mathematics, open source, cooking, typography, and UI/UX-design.